Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh No! I do not want to sweat my hair out!!!....

.....My trusty excuse!! Okay, so as you can see I have been MIA for some daily logs, no Wednesday inspiration, etc. I've had a set early set back at that!!!! But after seeing the AMAZING before and afters on the Biggest Loser Finale while eating Sour Cream and Onion Chips (I don't even LIKE Sour Cream and Onion Chips like that!), I immediately felt ashamed....when will I EVER get serious!!! What is stopping me??!!.....well, it's ME!!!!!

So, I'll be honest with you guys...the real reason why I have slipped this past week....well I got my hair done!! (Funny and sad all at the same time)

Here I go in all my weaved up glory:

Don't I look like a COW?! (A cute cow....but still a cow, nonetheless!)

This has been a MAJOR roadblock in my weight loss and my not wanting to sweat my hair out!!

But I must realize that sure my hair may get a little sweaty, matted, unruly, etc....but I think that's a fair exchange for a life free of clothes that don't fit, hypertension, diabetes, etc

Does anyone have any helpful hints on how to try to salvage your hair while exercising?!

4 comments: said...

I watched the biggest loser finale after eating 3 ding dongs...I thought the same thing. When will I stop putting bad things in my body. Oh, if you want to buy those gloves online, I can try to find you a discount code since I am an affiliate for the site. Just let me know. Thanks

yummy411 said...

hey coffee! sooo... yes it is a big deal for us. i guess some people wrap their hair before going. i decided to loc my hair, but it's still an issue because the funk from sweat gets caught up in the locs and you don't always (esp. at my new stage) go and wash because it brings on fuzzies =(

what do we do?!

djacarda said...

I understand. I've recently begun a SERIOUS fitness program. Prior to this, I began to learn how to care for my hair properly and have developed a habit of washing my hair 1-2 times a week at home. It has done wonders! I have tightly curled (kinky!) hair that I relax on a regular basis. Some research on black hair care sites may be able to tell you how to maintain your weave during your workouts. You may find that new techniques are all you need.

BTW, I want to subscribe! Do you use a Bloglines or something similar?

Coffee said...

@ djacarda.....So you wash 2x a week even with relaxed hair? And it doesn't dry your hair out? But, I'm sure you condition...and besides, leaving the salty sweat on your hair is NOT GOOD. I remember when I lost a lot of weight the first time I was washing once a week, but I was forced to wear a ponytail...and I think I'm the only person in the world who looks weird with a I guess, I need to learn how to sacrifice (some) beauty for HEALTH! I'll just have to experiment!

What is your fitness regime?

Also, I don't know about Bloglines....More info please!! :)