Monday, December 24, 2007

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!....

....or the most fattening...depending on how you look at it!

The holiday season has always been a highlight of my year....from childhood, up until now. The gifts (receiving AND giving), the family gatherings, the decorations, the TV specials, the music, the food!!........Oh man, the food!

If your family is like mine, then right now there is a dining room FILLED with EVERY delight known to man! Soul food, cookies, cakes, candies, and more. Normally I would give myself a "pass" and say "Oh, it's Christmas!! I can eat whatever I want to!"....and although I do not want to deprive myself of all my favorite treats (I kill for chocolate covered marshmallow snowman and cordial cherries!), I just won't eat the whole pack! The key is MODERATION!

So this holiday, I will practice self control, but I will have a great time. I hope you all have a very Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!

Please join me in 2008 for a year of changes. NO MORE EXCUSES! There is no better time than now!


yummy411 said...

girl you are so right! i swear worrying about the food, temptation etc has robbed me of my holiday cheer. =(((( i'll try to stay upbeat. at this point, i wanted to be ahead of the game, but i guess i'll join the masses and start over in 08 =(

either way, happy holidays!

jetera21 said...

I really admire your strength and determination. My inspiration used be Beyonce, but now it's Rihanna. So I'm with you, I'm trying to lose 15lbs. If you want any tips, let me know.

Coffee said...

@ Yummy...Girl, 2008 is OUR year!! We will get this done!

@ Jetera21...Of Course I want tips! I need all the help I can get! And it's just good to know that you're not alone in the struggle....and Rihanna is a GREAT inspiration....she will definetely be a Wednesday's Body Inspiration.

Please stay with me as I plan to kick it in high gear in 2008.