Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Daily Food and Fitness Diary - 12/5/2007

So, studies have shown that if you keep a food diary of what you eat throughout the day, you are more conscious of what you take in. I know for myself it makes me guilty in way. I don't want to have to write that I ate a half a pack of Oreos (Double Stuff), so I don't eat a half a pack of Oreos. Everyday I will write down what I had to eat. (I'm a calorie counter, so I'll list the calorie content). Some days I'm sure I'll have GREAT food days, some days not so great. Like today.......


Quaker Simple Harvest Apples w/ Cinnamon Oatmeal (150 Calories, 1.5g of Fat): I love this stuff because usually I have to add honey to my oatmeal to get it even remotely palatable (which adds extra calories), but not this one. Wonderful Apple Taste.


Trail Mix (240 Calories): Not too happy with this snack, it's pretty caloric for a snack. But, trust me, it was the healthiest choice in the vending machine.

Golden Delicious Apple (aprx. 72 Calories-per tool)


A Lousy Salad (aprx. 100 Calories): BORING! The salad dressing (Kraft Free Ranch) added about 50 calories. The rest was romaine lettuce, 6 cherry tomatoes, and about 5 slices of Cucumber. I need to figure out how to make my salads more interesting. Maybe I can add some peppers and onions, mushrooms, chicken breast, SOMETHING!


Bachman Single Serve Pretzel Sticks (100 Calories, 1g Fat) Two Words: Portion Control!


Turkey and Cheese Sandwich on 100% Whole Wheat Bread (aprx. 230 Calories)
5 Gingerbread Cookies (140 Calories, 4g Fat)
Minute Maid Mango Twist Juice (150 Calories, Og of Fat)--Juice is the hidden devil!

Okay, this is where the night gets bad.....I have a real problem with self control. It's crazy...I can't stop myself....It started with one Cordial Cherry ('tis the season, right?) and somehow it ended with like 6 assorted Pepperidge Farm cookies.....sigh....and I was doing so well.

I won't do what I usually do, and say "Well, I've already screwed up, let me keep going." NO! Not this time. I will just work out HARDER tomorrow!

Today was my day body is's my first week back to the gym in MONTHS! Last night, I went and did 55 minutes of Cardio! WOO HOO! 40 minutes on the treadmill (Random Inclines, 3.5-4.0 mph) and 15 minutes of Elliptical (Aerobic Mode)---what's up with people who don't wipe the machines down after they use it?! DISGUSTING! And it's usually the sweatiest dude in the gym. I mean really, it takes all but 10 seconds to spray and wipe! LOL


yummy411 said...

You go girl! you sound just like me. i love the calorie counter too, though i've been lazy and just reading the back of packages or i'll just eat my trusty menu items that i know have a low calorie count.

so what's your goal for caloric intake per day? i was trying to do 1200, but honesty will prevail giving me 1550 or so per day =((((

i have a private blog about my weight journey that i've begun to neglect =) but you keep me motivated. keep hope alive!

Coffee said...

Hey Yummy! My goal is 1250-1300 calories a day...but often times when I'm being "good" I eat too little calories---which I've been told can be as bad as eating too much!!! What gives?! LOL

Keep checking up on me and we'll just motivate each other!