Wednesday, January 9, 2008

WAY hard this time around.... as you can see, I'm not keeping up with my posts like I should. I'm in a MAJOR RUT! Me and Food are "FRIENEMIES". Something is going on with me where it seems like I have NO control over myself....I'm eating like CRAZY! Times before I've been able to practice great self-control in the beginning and find myself cracking later down the line. Now, it seems that I can't get on the horse!!!



Anonymous said...

Awww i def know how u feel!!! the only way to fix it is too get back on the ball. . .its hard I know. trust me i know lol

jetera21 said...

I'm definitely there with you. I've tried to really stick to a diet since Jan. 1. But it's so hard when you work in an office that's predominately female. Someone's always bringing sweets for the office. Keep up with your blog, I check it everyday for new entries.

Coffee said...

@ jetera21...OMG, Work is one of my BIGGEST Pitfalls! (I'll write a post about it)...I'm really having a tough ride this time around :( I'll make sure I try to write something more often....even if it's "bad"...those days are important to the journey too!