Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Work Trap

Nothing can be more deadly to a healthy eating program than WORK!

So, today I come into worked all hyped to have a "good" day. And, I start off well. I have a Soy Southwest Style Breakfast Burrito (I LOVE these) and a Banana for breakfast. I forgo a mid morning snack because I was honest with myself and said I wasn't hungry and could wait for lunch. So lunch comes and I have my Lean Cuisine Chicken and Spinach Panini..............and then it walks in: A tray of "goodies" I try to fight it....I try...but I cave!! A white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie!!!!! Damn.

It seems like every time you turn there is ALWAYS something to tempt you at work...someone brought in freshly baked cookies, catered meetings, give aways, free lunch days, vending machines, co-workers cute kid selling Girl Scout Cookies, office parties, etc.


I need some self control. Does any one know of any ways to distract your self? Or of any alternative snacks to pack so you don't feel "left out" while everyone else is indulging?


jetera21 said...

That happened to me today. One of our interns brought in brownies and sugar cookies! I've had 4 brownies and 1 cookie. I'm very disappointed with myself! Drink alot water for the rest of the day and have a lite dinner. As far as other snacks, I got nothing!

Coffee said...

Darn that intern!!! LOL....the key now is how we handle the rest of the you said, we should drink a lot of water and have a light dinner. I do my greatest damage at night (I mean full on binge), so nights have always been a struggle...that's why I like to work out at night. Once I come from the gym, I don't want to "ruin" a good workout, so I don't eat anything afterwards.

yummy411 said...

hey coffee! girl i know how you feel! it happens to all of us. fortunate for me i don't work in that environment, but trust me when i say that even though i'm by myself for the most part, the vending machines call.. i break a piece and throw the other piece in the trash.. um most of the time. lately, i just kinda let my guard down until i get into the aerobic kickboxing class. i'm dropping my gym and looking for another.

last week i was on a salad kick and i was feeling better on friday, then friday night and the weekend happened. oh well.. tomorrow's monday! a new day!