Tuesday, February 5, 2008

If at first you don't succeed....

......Dust Yourself Off and TRY AGAIN!

Hey All!!! I'm Back! I know I've abandoned my blog for the past 3 weeks...but, if you're out there struggling with your weight, then you know how hard it is! And honestly, I've been having a tough time. I wasn't eating right, wasn't exercising, and worst off all, I wasn't putting any EFFORT in! I was making up a bunch of EXCUSES, but I wasn't really trying! I tend to do that a lot....and, I'm trying to work on it. Hopefully, I haven't lost all of my loyal readers, I know that I only have but a few. And, I appreciate your support GREATLY! So, I'm getting back on the horse, and I want to go full speed!

Random: So, I'm at the gym Sunday....going HARD at various inclines on the treadmill and someone is passing the most RAUNCHY bodily gasses I have ever had the displeasure of smelling. I had to change treadmills because everytime the smell would come around, I would lose all focus and almost fall off the TREADMILL!!!

Also, who told me it was a good idea to jump right into my gym's Chisel class (body toning) after being MIA from it for over 6 months???!!! I can't extend my legs nor lift my arm to wave hello!But, you know what they say: No Pain, No Gain!

Hey, tomorrow's Wednesday and I'm trying to figure out who should be the Body Inspiration....any suggestions?

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yummy411 said...

WOW... getting back in the game i tell you. i bought the firm's (? i believe) body exercise ball etc and dvd. i don't like my gym anymore =(